… to my blog on this beautifully bizarre place called the Internet. Like many of you, I spend way too much time there. And while yes, funny cat videos are the best, I also found a lot of very useful things over there, like information and inspiration.

Countless blogs and websites provided me with invaluable information that helped me navigate the showbiz waters since the beginning of my acting career.

Online courses and educational videos helped me continue my education from wherever I currently live.

Travel websites and blogs are my continuous source of inspiration for my next adventures.

Various online communities brought some amazing individuals to my life, who continue to make my life much more interesting.

All this is what I am very much grateful for and what I intend to add to. Who knows, maybe some of my experiences will inspire or help someone else. Give and take and give some more.

While yes, there is a dark side to the Internet (that has no cookies…) and there certainly should be limits to what we put out there about ourselves and our lives, however, if proceeded with caution and common sense, it can be a place that opens doors, brings new opportunities, makes careers and dreams come true. And that’s what I love about it.

Thanks for reading,

Lenka x

Photo credit: The talented Martja


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