The Self-tape Challenge

You know when you see or read about a project and your brain immediately starts rolling with ideas and your tummy is tingling with excitement – this is such a great idea, I have to do this!

But wait, how am I going to do it? Don’t I have a little too much on my plate right now? Should I perhaps finish the existing projects before I start a new one? What happens next is you start to think about it a little too much and you basically talk yourself out of it. Has this ever happened to you?

Every time. Every stinking time. With every stinking project of mine, my head gets in the way. Why is that, though? I love pushing myself far beyond my comfort zone. I make a point in doing that with everything in my life. Yet still, every time I do it, I experience fear.

I love to travel without a plan. Just grab a backpack and go. Not knowing where I’m heading and how I’m going to get there, or where I’m going to sleep that night or if I can find some place to eat. It’s scary, yet incredibly liberating at the same time. There is no stress to stick to a plan, there are no expectations to be met other than enjoy yourself and explore.

As I’m progressing in my acting career, I’m also seeking new challenges. Huge part of actor’s life is auditioning. In fact, it’s what we do most of the time. That’s right, we are out of work and auditioning is like going to job interviews. It can be nerve-wracking and awkward, but it also can be fun. My favorite form of auditioning is something called a self-taped audition.

If you just scratched your head wondering what am I talking about, it’s when you record yourself on a camera or a phone in the comfort of your home, doing a scene or a monologue and send it to a casting director instead of coming to the audition in person.

Auditioning is a skill that can to be learned with practice, be it handling a regular audition or a self-taped one. Taping yourself at home is fun and opens possibilities to work elsewhere than in your home market (terms and conditions apply). Thank you, Internet, all the world’s a stage now thanks to you, as Willy Shakespeare would say.

The point of this challenge is to improve my skills and to do something for my career every single day. I have been doing that in one form or another for the past few years, now I want to focus on this specifically.

I was inspired by Sarah’s POV article on Showfax and other #SMFAninjas doing the challenge. I most likely won’t be sharing my tapes publicly, but I’ll be sharing my progress and what I learned during the challenge, which I hope you’ll find helpful.

The reason why I write about it here is to mainly prevent myself from chickening out of this and also to invite you to join me. Accountability buddies, anyone?

Starting on August 1st, for 30+ days, ready or not, I’ll put a camera in my face and shoot monologues, scenes, sonnets, improvised pieces or anything else I’ll think of.

Let me know in the comments below if you are going to join me or if you’ve done a challenge like this before. What was your experience like? What did you do?

Read more about the Self-taped Challenge in the amazing Bonnie Gillespie’s article on The Actors Voice.

I’ll be tweeting and instagraming my daily progress between my weekly blog posts. See you next Monday.


10 thoughts on “The Self-tape Challenge

    1. Lenka says:

      Thank you for reblogging! We’ve started today, many awesome actors have joined me and we are learning a lot from sharing our experiences. Doing challenges is great, doing them as a group, even better!

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