Why Finding Like-Minded People is So Important for Actors

Acting, especially in the beginning of your career, can feel pretty lonely. Even more so if you move to a market where you don’t know a soul. Back in London, where I studied, I kept bumping into the same faces over and over again and it felt nice. However when I moved to Prague I was on my own.

Every time I walked into an audition, people seemed to know each other. Same thing any time I found myself on a movie set or entered the rehearsal room for a play. I felt like that new kid in school. I still feel like that here and there. Over time it improved and I found some friends or acquaintances, but I still felt like I haven’t found my tribe. I missed having a group of like-minded folks I’d love to hang out, work and create projects with.

And then I finally found them! Again, bless the Internet, because I found like-minded people from all over the world, the #SMFAninjas. Thanks to the Internet, it doesn’t matter where you live, you can find ways to communicate. A bunch of us are based in Europe and we meet online – video calling each other bi-weekly on Sundays. We discuss our goals, we plan projects together and we help each other by sharing helpful information. The best thing, though? Seeing familiar faces on a regular basis, witnessing everybody’s progress, feeling inspired and motivated hours after the call has ended. We also managed to meet each other in various locations and are planning a big meet up in London this fall.

But that’s not all. A whole gang of SMFA ninjas are doing The Self-tape Challenge at the moment. As of today we are on Day 17 and needless to say that I would not have had so much fun doing this challenge if it weren’t for them. We learn so much sharing our experiences from the day’s shooting, from watching each other’s tapes and the shared struggles and lessons keep us motivated and inspired. If you do the challenge, I can wholeheartedly recommend doing it in a group as your experience from it will be even better than doing it by yourself.

Check out my Twitter for daily updates on my progress in The Self-Tape Challenge. At the end of the month I’ll share more details about the experience and what I’ve learned from it.

If you wanna learn what is the Self-Tape Challenge about, please read this Bonnie Gillespie’s article on the Actor’s Voice.


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