And Then I Became a Youtuber

For a very long time I’ve been watching my favorite YouTubers with admiration and thinking about starting my own channel. Finally, in September, I’ve launched It’s Lenka.

So why YouTube? What can be seen on my channel? What are my goals with it?

Just a year ago I was considering taking a break from acting. I was burnt out, broke and felt very lost. Which could seem strange, since I wasn’t doing badly. I’ve auditioned regularly and booked some very interesting gigs, both in film and theater, in English and Czech. You could say I was living the dream.

Yet at some point, running between auditions, gigs and a number of day jobs to, just barely, make the ends meet, I started to feel burned out and in need for a change. So I took a break for a few months, took a hard look at where I see myself heading. What projects I enjoyed doing the most and can imagine myself doing in the future.

This year I no longer chased every audition, but only went out for projects that made sense for my career in the bigger picture. It was a scary thing to do, but it turned out for better. I’ve had bigger and better auditions. I also had much more time to focus on my passion projects. I started writing again and I launched It’s Lenka.

The point of me starting this channel wasn’t to just do random videos to get more exposure. I believe that platforms like YouTube are an opportunity for creators to tell stories they care about without any great resources or gatekeepers. I record my videos on my phone and have barely figured out how to use Windows Movie Maker. It’s a learning curve, but one that is so much fun to do.

First series on my channel is called Actor’s Life that is inspired by, well, you guessed it, the day-to-day of an actor’s life, something that I get asked often about and that I hope will both entertain and enlighten those who are interested.

I’m also planning to make vlogs from behind-the-scenes of the projects I’m in (when I can share something like that). I’d love to get involved in new media projects like webseries, collabs and more, stay tuned!

The best way you can support me is to subscribe to my channel and share my videos with both your actor and non-actor friends. Also, lemme know your thoughts – what videos would you like to see? I’d like to get you guys involved and create a conversation with my audience. Your feedback matters to me.

Thank you!


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