FOTOBLOG: Travel Stories (Day 1)

One of my most favorite kinds of stories are the ones from travelling. Even the little trips sometimes make for the best memories. The beauty of travel doesn’t lie in the destinations or tourist attractions, but in the people that you meet. Perhaps even those short encounters change and shape the future you.

If you follow me on instagram, you probably saw my photos tagged #Throwback #Travel. Beginning on Monday, I’ll share 3 photos each day for a week and write about their stories here on my blog.

“Let’s go to SanFran, he said. It’s gonna be fun, he said.” This is how most of our spontaneous roadtrips began. The three of us, sitting in the car, deciding what to do and then heading off, prepared or not. Mostly unprepared, like here when we headed to SF in shorts and tops and nearly froze our bums off. Miss you, T & T!

“Meanwhile in Berkeley…” I’ve seen some crazy mind-boggling things during my stay in the SF bay area and this is one of them. Right next to those famous “Drug-free zone” sign stands this car with the biggest collection of empty smoothie bottles I’ve ever seen. Now I suspect people collect some weird things, but this? WHY?!

Ah, Venice, the place where me and my friend headed for our first backpacking adventure. Hiding from a hell of a storm right outside of Vienna and sleeping between trash bins, hitchiking and finding out, in the middle of the night, that the camp we were supposed to sleep in is closed. Wanna hear more? I made a youtube video about this trip. It’s a story I’ll surely never forget. 🙂


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