FOTOBLOG: Travel Stories (Day 2)

Missed the post from Day 1? No worries, click here to catch up on what’s this project about.

Before the backpacking trip, there was a roadtrip across the south-west of the USA. My aupair adventure has nearly come to its end and my friend came to visit me. We had 10 days, Grand Canyon as our goal-destination, so we rented a car and covered over 5300 km crossing Texas, New Mexico and Arizona in that time. Half the time we couchsurfed and the other half we opted for cheap dodgy motels that really looked like those in American movies. After all, we wanted an authentic experience.

This photo isn’t from any of my crazy adventures. It reminds me of one of the trips to San Francisco with my wonderful hostfamily, who treated me like a member of their family, not just their kid’s babysitter. If it weren’t for their support and encouragement, I’d never have applied for that summer acting course that led me towards pursuing my dreams.

When I returned from the USA, I decided to continue my studies in London despite having no money. I sold some stuff online, found a part-time live-in nanny job in London, I found the school I wanted to take classes in and off I went with only £40 in my wallet. To my surprise I wasn’t kicked out when I told the school I was broke and asked if I could work for my classes. So I did that for nearly two years.


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