FOTOBLOG: Travel Stories (Day 3)

Stories from Day 2 and Day 1.

Sometimes you need to leave a place in order to come back and be able to truly appreciate it. I come from a very beautiful place, the Jizera Mountains in the Czech Republic. Yet before I spent several years living away from home, I didn’t properly realize that and didn’t care much for getting to know the place I was born in. Moving back home, even though just temporarily, allowed me to explore my homeland with the same kind of passion and wonder I put into exploring all the places I traveled to.

Most rational people would head down to the beach when it’s nice outside, so they can lie on a blanket, get some tan and enjoy the fresh air. Not us. My friend showed us this abandoned beach and we started going there instead to those overcrowded ones. One day we left for the beach and when we arrived it was swallowed by a fog so thick we couldn’t see more than a few meters ahead. Instead of turning around and heading back home, we ran around the foggy beach like a bunch of little children. It was one of the most fun days on the beach we had.

One of the things I appreciated about living in London the most was the culture and art scene. The streets were full of street art, street performers, galleries, museums and theatres. I loved walking and wondering through the streets, always discovering something new. I rarely went sight seeing with the exceptions of when my friends visited me. I often found the most interesting places outside of the tourist-y destinations. Just like this phone box piece not too far from where I lived, hidden in a street I may have otherwise missed.


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