I did it! Lessons from Self-tape Challenge no. 2

The first time round I was figuring this whole self-tape challenge thing out and trying out various things. This time I wanted to challenge myself into pushing further and giving myself something harder to work on.

So, I spontaneously started doing a vlog series called:

The Double Agent Diaries

And by spontaneously I mean – I did zero planning, I just started it on the first day of the challenge and I was figuring out the story and everything around it one day at a time.

You may be thinking – Lenka, that’s a TERRIBLE idea. You set yourself up to FAIL. You should have done it PROPERLY – plan it out, think of the storyline ahead and map out all the episodes and characters… yadidadida.

I agree – and I’ve made many mistakes while making this series that I could have prevented if I did it ‘properly’.

But that wasn’t the point of this exercise.

The point was to get in the habit of being creative on a daily basis.

  • Not when I feel like it.
  • Not when ‘the timing’ is perfect.
  • Not when everything is planned and thought through.
  • Not when I have all the equipment I could possibly need.
  • Not when I have all the skills perfected.

The point was to CREATE even when I don’t feel like it or when life gets in the way – but still I DECIDE that it has such a priority, that I MAKE TIME FOR IT no matter what. 

The point was to train myself to JUST FIGURE IT OUT and to TRUST MYSELF that I am capable of thinking of an idea how to push the story forward.

The point was to make the most of the tech that I currently have and not dwell on NOT having a fancy camera, lights, fancy laptop and professional editing software.

The point was to learn the CRAFT. There is no skipping of this part and this part takes TIME and PRACTICE. A lot of it. Which is why this challenge is a perfect opportunity to PRACTICE, FAIL & LEARN.

And I did a lot of all of the three. I can wholeheartedly recommend this to all creatives who would like to challenge themselves and work on their craft. Committing to a creative challenge like this is an experience that you’ll grow from.

My huge THANK YOU to the #SMFAninjas community for your feedback, advice and help. And for your inspirational hard work, I learned a lot from you.

What is this Self-Tape Challenge? Read here.

Lastly, since I’ve been through two challenges now, I’ve summed up my feelings in this video. Hope you have a good laugh!


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