So I Moved to Prague and Quit Acting?


This year is full of changes for me. I got a new job that I really enjoy and that led me to move back to Prague.

It’s my third time living in Prague and like a lot of other Czechs living there, I have kind of a love-hate relationship with the city.

– endless possibilities for entertainment
– it’s a gorgeous place – the architecture, nature, etc.
– there are plenty of job opportunities (it’s quickly becoming one of the more popular places in Europe both for digital nomads and creatives of all kinds)
– you can meet a lot of interesting people

– it’s crowded and a lot of people are grumpy or even rude
– it’s filthy (as any crowded city)
– it’s expensive to live in (compared to the rest of the country) – yet it’s still cheaper to live here than in a lot of the Western European cities

Now I’m more than excited to have a reason to move here. I missed going to the theater, pub/beer-garden hopping and mainly I missed my friends.

It’s funny how quickly you fall out of touch with people when you go away. So I’m looking forward to reconnecting with my friends.

I also look forward to meeting new people, especially like-minded fellow new media creators like myself.

So what happened to the acting thing? Did I quit?
Not exactly. I’m still going to act, but I no longer pursue a traditional acting career.

During the past few years pursuing this kind of career I learned a lot about myself. And if I have to be perfectly honest with myself, I don’t think it’s the right fit for me.

I’ve been miserable for a long time and too stubborn to admit this to myself. I worked so hard to achieve this childhood dream of mine.

So why was I feeling this way when everything seemed to be going well?

At 20, I packed a suitcase and went abroad instead of going to college as I was supposed to. I wanted to learn English and travel.
During that time I began to study acting. Which then led me to London where I studied and worked for class credits at the bar of the school.
Then I moved to Prague and my career was going fine. There were highs and lows, of course, but I was progressing, which is important.

And now I was going to throw all of that away?
Except I didn’t. I still want to act, I just decided I want to have fun doing it, which means I need other creative outlets.

I love writing, I found out that I really enjoy being behind the camera and I learned that new media are a more suitable place for someone like me.

In January I was offered a job at a start-up company, which then led me to start working as a freelancer for a digital agency ran by the same people.

And it has been great, because every day I’m being creative and I keep on learning new things and growing fast.
I’m writing, filming videos, taking photos, I even do some light graphic design and a lot more. I do all that I love.
The people working there are great and I’ve been enjoying hanging out with them. Thanks to them I feel like I’m a part of something.

Most importantly, though, I no longer feel stuck. I’m no longer miserable.

I may not be exactly sure how am I going to connect acting and working in digital media, but I have a feeling I’m heading in the right direction, wherever it takes me…


10 thoughts on “So I Moved to Prague and Quit Acting?

  1. Bettina says:

    Lenka, I am so happy for & with you!
    And I can hardly wait to hear more of all those exciting news!
    Again: Hooray, well done, well-deserved and fantastic!


    1. Lenka says:

      Thank you, Bettina! xx
      Yes, we definitely need to catch up, been a while since we last spoke. Hit me up when you are free to skype or hang out, I’d love to know how are you doing and what have you been up to. 🙂


  2. Brooke says:

    So proud of you Lenka xxx you will do well in whatever you choose but happy to hear you are choosing a path that makes you happy.
    Think of you often and love following your adventures!


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