How I’m Learning to Let out My Inner Bitch

how i'm learning to let out my inner bitch

In my last post I wrote about moving to Prague. I was pretty excited about that, and I still am, though I found myself in kind of a messy situation, that taught me a great life lesson.

I needed a humble start, so I searched for low cost living until I can get myself some proper place to stay. I found these apartments that are meant for students or young professionals under 30 for short-term stay.

They are great, not too expensive, new and nice, have all I need. But for the first month I ended up living with a roommate, that turned out to be a roommate from hell.

She has zero regards for the rest of the people in the apartment, stays up until 3-5 a.m., makes noise in the room where I try to sleep, regularly cooks some fried smelly food in these hours as well and is incredibly messy, like filthy-messy.

So this is what happened:

I’ve been brought up to be a good girl, not to complain and to deal with people openly. Several times I tried talking to her and to establish some rules so that we both can live alongside peacefully.

She completely ignored it. And she started acting even worse after each talk.

It took me another week and more talks with her to gather up the courage to contact the building manager about this problem. I didn’t want to bother them about this, but since my approach failed me, I had to admit to myself that I needed help.

And it worked. I’m getting a new room and I may finally get some sleep.

So why was I feeling like such a bitch doing this?
Is it cultural? Or a gender issue? Is it a nature vs. nurture question? Or is it just me and my personality?

I don’t have the answers for these questions, I just keep on wondering, because it seems like a recurring theme in my life and something tells me I might not be the only one. Am I?

Let me know in the comments below if you also struggle with this.

So what have I learned from this situation?
That this is something I really need to work on, because my inner bitch got s**t done and I should listen to that gal a bit more, she might actually get me places.


4 thoughts on “How I’m Learning to Let out My Inner Bitch

  1. Filip says:

    In this case I don’t believe you should blame yourself. Based on your description that girl is of a completely different nature than you. You mentioned you tried to establish some rules. Rules. Some people just hate them and act in an exactly opposite way (believe me, I know that). Which is probably your former roommate’s case. Finding a new room and a new roommate is probably the best solution, she will be also more happy with someone more similar to her.


    1. Lenka says:

      Well, I wrote ‘rules’ for the lack of a better word, but what I meant was that I tried to communicate with her how we could live there together and not get on each other’s nerves, which I think is a reasonable thing to do, as every person might have different ideas as to how they live and two people living in the same room need to establish some kind of system/rules/whatever in order to get along. They communicate their needs, schedules and all and try to come up with a compromise. It’s all about communication. 🙂


  2. Raluca says:

    Dearest Lenka, I totally get you, in situations like these I would or would have just endured and said nothing about it, as I was also brought-up as a “nice girl”, damn it!I am very inspired by your inner bitch approach and I am hoping to start unleashing mine as well.Rock on!


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