Lowcost Race 2016: Travel Adventure I’d Like to Share with You!

lowcost race tým na cestě

Me and my travel buddy Verča applied for a travel competition called the Lowcost Race, which is a 10-day adventure with 25 checkpoints around Europe.

You are allowed to bring 2 500 CZK per person (approx. 105 USD/93 EUR) and you lose points if you spend it. So you have to get creative with getting by without spending money or with earning money by busking, for example.

It sounded like a great challenge and adventure we might never forget, so of course we had to go for it. In order to apply, everyone has to film a nomination video and only 10 teams with the highest amount of votes (FB likes) can attend the race in the Racemen category. 

We are called team Na Cestě (On the Road) and this is our nomination video (in Czech, but you don’t need to speak Czech to understand what’s going on, it’s mainly visual). 🙂

We are so grateful for all the votes and shares we’ve received so far, I’m jumping around like a kid in a candy shop every time I see we’ve got new votes, shares and views.

However, the voting is open until 15.7.2016, that’s a long time from now and though we are the second team that applied, we might need a lot more votes to stand a chance. So I’ll be bugging the hell out of everyone asking for votes until then. 😀

So that’s a little bit about the competition, now I’d like to share with you why I’d like to do this race and what I hope to give back to you all.

If we qualify in the Racemen category, we get support from the race to share our adventure online. We’d share daily reports, videos & photos and here is what I hope to achieve with it:

If at least one person picks up a backpack and goes on an adventure after reading or watching something that we shared, that’s going to make me very, very happy.

Why? It’s so easy to believe that you need so much in order to travel. That you need A LOT of money, expensive equipment or to just be ‘lucky’.

I mean, yes, you need some money, but you don’t need to be rich. You need some equipment like a backpack, sleeping bag and some basic camping gear, but you don’t have to spend a fortune on that. Luck sure helps, but I believe if you make travel your priority, you’ll find a way to make it happen.

I found a lot of inspiration in people’s travel stories and the goal is to pay it forward with my stories.

Browsing through beautiful photos on Instagram or watching fabulous videos on YouTube can make us forget what the reality of traveling is. It’s not always as pretty and glamorous as it may seem.

From my previous adventures I know that some of our time might look like this:

  • We might not be able to hitch a ride for hours.
  • We might catch bad weather, get soaked and get sick.
  • We might not get much sleep during the whole race.
  • We might not eat much.
  • Etc.

None of that is glamorous and in these moments you question your sanity and wish you stayed at home, but in retrospect, those are the stories you share with your friends and those are the moments that stuck in your mind the most.

My biggest passion is telling stories. That’s why I write, make videos, take photos and now only occasionally act. It’s what brings me happiness, inspiration, entertainment and what I hope to provide for those of you who choose to follow my stories.

If we manage to get nominated:

  • I’ll write about our adventures (probably on FB and after we get back, I’ll share it all here on the blog, too).
  • I’ll make videos and share them on my YouTube channel (click to subscribe).
  • I’ll share photos on my Instagram (click to follow).

So if you’d like to follow our adventures, please make sure you follow me and I can’t wait to hear from you.

Again, HUGE thanks to everyone who voted for us and helped with sharing our video with their friends. If you’d like to vote for us, please click on Like on the video and if you share the video with your friends, that would be awesome too!


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